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Wood Fence
At NorthDallasFence, we focus in custom designing and also repairs of wood fence that best meets your needs. Wood fencing offers an attractive and characteristic way of completing landscaping beautification while adding true value to your home. Truthfully, today's wood fencing can provide a significant amount of complement and style to your property, giving your home that final touch that ties it all together.Wood fences are the most traditional and are often the most affordable. We believe our line-up of fences are pretty awesome. Sure, we offer some of the same mainstream products but we have a great selection of unique styles designed just for you. Want a traditional picket fence to accent your home or protect your veggie garden? We have got them! What’s that? You want privacy? Our privacy fences will make over your backyard into an oasis. They are just a few more options we offer.

Why NorthDallasFence?
In addition to our Classic lineup we also have other Custom Options, that means we will build you the wooden fence of Your dreams. Just tell us what you would like and we would get it DONE!!! So…. Why NorthDallasFence? Seems clear to Us!Every NorthDallasFence Wooden Fence installation comes with warranty.

At NorthDallasFence we have various wood fencing styles available from you to choose from like:

The cedar wood fencing that we use offers homeowners brilliant color and distinctive good looks.

For homeowners who want a fence that suits their personality as well as their home, a custom wood fence can be designed. We work closely with you, the design team at NorthDallasFence can create a custom wood fence that meets your every need. Some possible styles include baluster picket, horizontal designs and shadowbox privacy.

Picket Fence
A picket fence tends to be anundersizedfence designed with gorgeous spaces between the slats. This lets you revel in the beauty of your immediate environs while still providing a barrier to keep children and pets inside. Also other styles apart from the traditional picket fenceare available to choose from including capped, dog ear, French gothic, saddled and scalloped too.

Pressure Treated Pine
Pressure Treated Pine is a cost effective wood fence option and is readily available. NorthDallasFence can design the perfect wood fence for your everyday need. Contact us today to get started!

Privacy Fence
A privacy fence is designed to give the property holder a sense of privacy that prevents neighbors and passersby from being able to see what is happening inside your property. Privacy fencing comes in various styles depending on what you want and such styles includes shadow box, saddled, scalloped, dog ear, board in board and capped and typically measures about six feet high.

Ranch Rail
Ranch rail fencing has a timeless look while delivering superior quality. While most often associated with farms and ranches, ranch rail fence also brings a natural beauty to many homes in the area. Ranch rail fencing is available in styles such as split and ranch rail wire to further meet your needs.

Wood Fence Materials
The style of your wood fence is not the only consideration we offer. These types of fences are also typically designed using one of two types of materials which are cedar and pressure treated pine. Regardless of the material you choose, wood fencing typically last at least a numberof years and provides homeowners with attractive good looks and low maintenance.

NorthDallasFence is known as the number one wood fence designer and installer. We build wood Fence and also carry out repairs for you. We build 6ft, 8 ft. Whatever your requirement, we will build it for you. Please call: (972) 698-4610.

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